Frozen Moments – Aero Show

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The Man. The Machine. His acrobatics with it. It’s finally come to an end. What a show! I have uploaded a few amateur photographs (ever tried to click a photo of a plane travelling at MACH 2 speed?)  of aircrafts and the event. 


 US Airforce - Not the Big Bertha, but big enough to awe us

 From the US Airforce – Not the Big Bertha, but Big enough to awe us

 Commndos or Acrobats?

Army Commandos or Acrobats?

Euro fighter, mid-air

The Eurofighter – mid flight.

Patriotic Colours - Suryakirans

Patriotic colours by the Suryakiran team.

Though the show was Spectacular, I have many cribs with the show organisers, CII. Read them here, especially when you are in a cribby mood yourself to fully understand and empathise.

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