Citizens For Bengaluru join the BBMP Vanamahotsav Walkathon

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BBMP has announced a Vanamahotsav walkathon tomorrow, Sunday May 21st, to encourage the public to plant 10 lakh saplings in the city in order to increase green cover. It is seeking active public participation to make the drive successful.

Just as #CitizensForBengaluru object and protest when trees are sacrificed unnecessarily, we will support and participate tomorrow, when the BBMP wants to re-afforest and build a sustainable Bengaluru.

Citizen participation is key to ensure that the public money (₹5Cr) is well utilized.

It should be noted that such planting of saplings is not a substitute for existing trees. Due to the excess erosion of green cover in the city, all tree felling should be avoided except for large scale public good. In addition, due process and public consultation as per the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act and due diligence thereafter must be mandatory.

#CitizensForBengaluru call out to all lovers of the city to make this your Sunday morning offering, come out in large numbers to pick up and nurture your saplings and put the garden back in the garden city!

BBMP Vanamahotsava

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Tara Krishnaswamy is a resident of Bengaluru, and a volunteer for Citizens for Bengaluru. She tweets at @tarauk