CfB to release Beku Beda manifesto

Sharing demands from the BekuBeda Santhe

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The Beku Beda Santhe held in Freedom Park on October 15th, organised by the Citizens for Bengaluru (CfB) and numerous RWAs and groups representing  civic, social, children’s and underprivileged interests.  More than 1500 citizens participated and cast their votes, for what they wanted and what they did not want of the city administration.  The objective was to set the agenda for our city through a bottom up and inclusive, open public forum.

Subsequent to the Santhe, CfB volunteers worked on categorizing and consolidating the thousands of demands into a short list ‘Beku Beda Santhe Citizens Manifesto for Bengaluru’. This is not a perfect list and there will be exceptions and disagreements within citizen groups but we believe it reflects the strong desire to take our city back.

On Tuesday, 12th December, we plan share this with the public and media at St Joseph’s College, Langford Road.

Distinguished freedom fighter Shri HS Doreswamy has kindly consented to release in the presence of students, various organizations that co-hosted the santhe. We are also inviting representatives of political parties to receive the demands.

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Tara Krishnaswamy is a resident of Bengaluru, and a volunteer for Citizens for Bengaluru. She tweets at @tarauk