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Is a resident of Chennai and like's to write about his observations in Chennai.


  1. Well; I agree with the writer. In T Nagar, which is a residential colony, there are a number of residential apartments and individual houses which have been in existence for decades. When these were constructed, the road level was three to four feet below the apartments/houses. The unique technology of re-laying of roads being followed by the Chennai Corporation, has resulted in the road levels going up. At present, almost all residential apartments/residences are in such a low level that even when there is a drizzle, the rain water flows into the premises, causing inundation. What is worse is that even the storm water drains which are supposed to carry the rain water on the roads remain dysfunctional as they are fully choked. The shopkeepers use the storm water drains to dump plastics/and other articles. The mobile eateries too lend an helping hand in misusing the SWDs as they dump food waste food.

  2. Your views are correct. But unless the chairman of the corporation is made to shed lakhs of rupees (5 lakhs personally from his pocket in a consumer case before Delhi consumer court) for negligence in maintenance of public places, no one will look to rectify the bad roads, even though proper maintenance of roads is their utmost responsility.

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