Sweeten weddings with sugar dolls

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Jayalakshmi and her husband are the founders of Basavangudi based Asha Dollmakers which highlight tradition as well as creativity during weddings.

According to old Mysore wedding traditions, it is considered auspicious to give dry coconut, roasted chana, jaggery and arishina-kumkuma (turmeric and vermilion) to the bride during Vara pooje, a function to welcome the groom to the wedding. Over the years, innovations have led to creative figurines dressed to look like traditional dolls.Wedding contractors and marriage halls place bulk orders with individuals or small-scale units producing such figurines.

Although the price varies depending on customer specifications and quantity, the cost of a typical set can be Rs 5000 or more. A Jayalakshmi can be contacted at 26671759.

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Uma Swamy is a JP Nagar resident and columnist.