BBMP rids the city of unauthorised hoardings

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BBMP will start removing unauthorised hoardings put up by various organisations and individuals to commemorate birthday wishes, condolences, best wishes, etc on roadsides and tree branches. These cutouts, boards, posters and flex banners are spoiling the cityscape and are a punishable offence. Action will be taken as per Karnataka Open Places (Prevention of Disfigurement) Act.

The following action has been undertaken as per the Commissioners orders issued on 6-1-2012:

1)      In East Bangalore – 30 flexes, 18 banners removed.

2)      In West – Rajajinagar, Sanjaynagar, Vyalikaval, etc 26 cutouts, 40 flexes, and 35 banners removed.

3)      In South – 73 flexes, 12 cutouts, 200 mts long buntings removed.

4)      In Raja rajeswari Nagar- 25 flex boards, 150 meters long buntings removed.

5)      In Yelahanka area – 50 banners, 150 meters long buntings removed.

6)      In Dasarahalli – 20 cutouts, 200 meter long buntings and 9 banners removed.

7)      In Bommanahalli – 35 flex boards removed.

8)      In Mahadevapura area – more than 400 flex boards, banners and buntings removed.

BBMP commissioner has appealed to the public not to put any more illegal hoardings and  keep the city neat.

This is based on BBMP Press Released dated 7-1-2012

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  1. It is a good initiative taken up by BBMP. In addition to this the BBMP should publish a procedure as to what a citizen can do or how he can report the presence of such hoardings so that the city remains free from hoardings.

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