BBMP opposition leader asks BBMP to conserve power

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BBMP council opposition leader, M Udayshankar (Congress) has written a letter to BBMP listing the measures to conserve power, on 12 October. Here’s the translated copy.

Karnataka state has been facing acute power shortage in the recent days as never seen before. Hence it becomes the government’s responsibility to take up measures on a large scale. At the grassroots level all the citizens and organisations should also contribute towards power savings.

In this direction:

  1. BBMP must control lighting in parks. Park lighting should be done only at specific times in the evenings.

  2. BBMP should control road lights and keep them on only during specified timings.

  3. BBMP offices should see to it that they do not use lights during the day and reduce the use of air conditioning.

  4. BBMP commissioner should send out circulars in this regard to all the BBMP officials/workers.

  5. Request all State government, Private organisations, and Central government offices also to exercise controlled use of electricity in their offices.