BBMP beats drums in front of property tax defaulters’ homes

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BBMP has issued notices to defaulters to pay their overdue property tax along with fine and wherever required, property confiscation warrants are also to be issued.


Today, "Drum beating" was done in front of “UMIYA SUNTECH” on Whitefield Road, Bangalore. They had overdue tax amount of Rs. 51,13,454. The owners have agreed to pay up the tax amount within a week.

Adequate time limit has been given to many property owners to pay overdue taxes. In spite of this, many of them have continued to be defaulters. BBMP has warned that such defaulters stand to face ‘Property Confiscation Warrants’ and the ignominy of public "Drum Beats" in front of their property.

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  1. Very effective method to recover dues.

    The BBMP should publish:

    1. List of major defaulters.
    2. Publish a list of actual tax paid as there are many cases of severe under valuation.

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