BBMP: No adverts in your private vehicle

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On 6-9-2011, BBMP officials seized an Innova Car (KA04 MC5400) which was parked on the road and had advertisements on all the sides. It was being used to display advertisements.


High Court has prohibited display of advertisements in that manner and it can be done so only if permitted by the Regional Transport Authority.

If private vehicles violate the advertising policies and rules, the owners will be fined Rs. 5000 and further legal action will be undertaken.

BBMP Press Release dated 6-9-2011 

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  1. What is the reasoning behind such a rule? If I can earn some money for the crazy prices that petrol is at now, and most politicians stacking up wealth, I think we should be allowed to have the freedom of what we put on our cars.
    Actually 50% or more vehicles will need to go off road then as dealers tend to advertise themselves on the cars they sell by usually having a small sticker.
    I am not completely happy with this rule. If so it should be implemented well.

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