BEML and HAL win hockey tournament

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BEML, Bangalore and HAL won in the D S Murthy and V Karunakaran Memoral Hockey Tournament matches held on January 17th.

In the first match BEML, Bangalore beat RBI by 4-0. For BEML, Surendra scored two goals at the 29th and 39th minute. Ramesh scored a goal at the 49th minute and Subbaiah scored one at the 58th minute.

In the second match, HAL beat ABHA by 8-1. For HAL, Mohammed Nayeemuddin scored four goals at the 21st, 27th, 45th and 56th minutes. Nagasreeni scored a goal at 31st minute, Teja Babu at 34th minute, Ponnanna at 39th minute and Sujith Kumar at 54th minute. ABHA’s lone goal was scored by Shahid at 16th minute.

On January 18th, the matches are BEML Bangalore Vs SAI, and RBI Vs Ideal SC, KGF.