Come October, it’s time for Khadi

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Sales of khadi dresses surge during the month of October. Khadi stores offer discounts of up to 40% on clothes. One such shop is the Khadi Sadan in Jaynagar 3rd Block, opposite Bata showroom.

The shop sells readymade dresses (shirts, kurtas, sarees, shawls etc) and cloth materials of khadi and silk, carpets and rugs. Products such as herbal soaps, toothpaste, aloe vera juice, gaumutra (cow urine used for medicinal purposes) are also sold.

Kadhi store at Jayanagar. Pic: Uma Swamy.

Vinod K G, 32, who has been running the shop for eight years, says that they sell more than 75 varieties of products, sourced from various co-operative societies from around the country.

They offer 40% percent discount on apparels and dress materials from August to November. However, the discounts are not applicable on herbal products, national flags and Gandhi topis. “Flags and topis are considered national symbols, hence there is no discount,” says Vinod.