Chlorophyll Conversations

Know your seeds

Seeds are critical to organic urban farming. Seed saving requires time, effort and attention but there is satisfaction of having saved seeds from your own garden for your own use!


Adventures of an eco-nut

Don’t throw that peel

There is something about the notion of composting that really excites me. Just think of it – with just a simple change of container (a composter/compost pit instead of dustbin), there’s a whole new world »

Adventures of an eco-nut

A better approach to laundry

In my search to find a method to recycle grey water from the washing machine, I chanced upon an exciting alternative to detergents: Soap Nut (Sapindus Mukorossi, locally called  Ritha or soap kai). Of course, »

Adventures of an eco-nut

Conserving rainwater

It’s been a month now and I still can’t stop myself from rushing to the terrace in the morning, after a night of heavy rain. After several months of seeking ways (unsuccessfully!) to harvest rainwater »