Spilling over

April 29, 2012 City Shutterbug 0

     Overflowing bookshelves are a delight to the sight of a book lover. Something about the badly kept shelves suggests there you will stumble onto something you did not expect. Picture »


Vintage Scooter Rally Bangalore

December 17, 2011 City Shutterbug 0

  A Small group of Vintage Scooter enthusiasts and a larger group of photographers converged on Cubbon Park, Bangalore. The retro colors on these bikes rock!  Pic by Ravi Kaushik »


Caju at City Market

December 9, 2011 City Shutterbug 0

  A walk in City Market on a Sunday evening is very challenging. It involves dodging shoppers, beggars, garbage dumped on the road and the occasional hungry aggressive cow.  Pic »


Flowers for Sale

November 24, 2011 City Shutterbug 0

Flowers for Sale at Basavanagudi. A colourful range of flowers awaits any customer who would have to venture out in the morning while the flowers are still fresh. Pic by »


Diwali is Coming

October 20, 2011 City Shutterbug 0

   Diwali is coming and lamps are being churned out in large numbers and available on street   corners for sale. Pic by Ravi Kaushik. ⊕